Haul with your mind at peace

Have you got load to move? HaulageExchange provides the perfect platform for shippers moving loads to various destinations in Nigeria.

At HaulageExchange, shipping costs are fair

Enjoy Fair and Transparent Billing

As a shipper, you get to enjoy fair shipping rates, computed in a very transparent manner, with fair consideration on: whether the cargo weight is Full-Truckload or Less-Than-Truckload, whether the load is a headhaul or a backhaul, as well as the through rate (distance between point of loading and delivery).

HaulageExchange offers real-time shippment tracking

Track your shipments real-time

HaulageExchange is a technology driven platform, providing 24/7 cargo and truck visibility through a robust, real-time GPS truck/cargo tracking system. Here at HaulageExchange, Shippers are always in-charge, as they get to keep an eye on their cargo without placing phone calls to carriers or their drivers.

HaulageExchange offers real-time shippment tracking

Top brands trust HaulageExchange with their cargo - you too can.

HaulageExchange hauls for TGI Group
Agrim International ships cargo with HaulageExchange