What can you do with haulage exchange expert?

Advertisement freight- Use verified users each day, haulage exchange expert is perfect for freight forwarders, haulage companies to take on new order and find the right truck to march the right job.

Our route calculation and tracking solution creates greater security and efficiency in the supply chain. You always know at any time where your loads are!!

99% secure transactions: We take safety of user as our high priority, hence use of sophisticated tools making deals on our freight exchange secure.

Other services enjoyed by our users are :

  • Complete documents verification, which will be handled by our expert
  • Comprehensive transport company directory
  • mediation services
  • Route planner
  • 24 Hours online presence with expert customer care
  • SMS messages
  • Dynamic personal portal system
  • 24/7 Online Technical Solution
  • Resource levelling
  • Expert Truck Technicians