Benefits to contractors /transporters

Our contractors/transporters will enjoy the following benefits;
  • all your vehicle can be tracked on our exchange platform, no matter the tracking system you use.
  • separately mark vehicles that you have temporarily activated for tracking.
  • use your current location as a starting point for searching for nearby loads-
  • save your vehicle location in the route planning to calculate
  • get a clear picture and ensure transparency at all times.
  • save valuable time and reduce dead mileage
  • create trust and enhance your credibility in the logistics industry
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    Benefits to our Esteem Clients

    Our valuable clients will enjoy the following benefits;
  • save valuable time with reduced need for communication
  • High level of transparency, reassurance for all parties during transaction process.
  • ability to track vehicles at all time to point of delivery
  • able to view your partner vehicles on our platform, wherever they may be.